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About Tech4Life

Tech4Life has a specific focus on finding innovative solutions to the significant problems related to the Healthcare Risk Waste Market.

As part of this focus, we have developed a medical waste shredder-sterilizer system known as the ISS 480, which completely pulps and thoroughly sterilizes potentially hazardous medical waste at the premises of the hospital or healthcare facility.

The safe disposal of medical waste has for long been an industry-wide concern posing numerous challenges for hospitals and healthcare practitioners throughout the world.


Introducing the fully integrated Tech4Life ISS 480 system

The subject of some five years of intensive development, the compact system reduces all medical waste to a dry, sterile ‘confetti’, while separating out the liquid component, which can then be easily and safely disposed of, or re-used, whichever is preferable from an environmental impact perspective.

Unlike other medical waste disposal systems, the integrated Tech4Life ISS 480 system first pulps medical waste, reducing its volume by up to a massive 90%, and then sterilizes it with a log 6 level of efficacy.

This degree of sterilization of medical waste more than meets the required standards, and is achieved using a remarkable patented chemical sanitizer approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), that we have adapted to be used with the ISS 480 system.

The highly advanced but easy to use ‘plug and play’ system can be conveniently accommodated onsite at a hospital or other healthcare facility, even within remote locations, as it has been designed to, as far as possible, be supported remotely by the Tech4Life team.

An advanced solution for hospital waste

The focus at Tech4Life is on offering a waste disposal solution rather than just a product. We work with each individual healthcare facility, all of which have different functions and methods of operating within their local environments, to develop a solution that is as cost-effective as possible while meeting the specific, and complete medical waste disposal requirements of each individual healthcare facility.

This approach also enables us to work with each individual healthcare facility in developing systems to minimise their environmental footprint, while at the same time maximising the potential to meaningfully reuse the waste by-products that are created by the system.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities the world over have long needed safer and more efficient ways to dispose of their medical waste. We believe that we have developed the most innovative, effective and environmentally friendly solutions seen to date.


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